These prompts were created in the style of Opus Daily Practice prompts for a workshop by UBC involving youth on a First Nations reserve. As part of their workshop exercise, the children were invited to create their own pieces of work on the subjects of "Hope" and "Healing". I was invited as one of the two artists who created example pieces.

Further information about the project Work2Give can be found here

The word 'hope' reminded me of the creek by my work. It's a little creek in an industrial area that the community has put a lot of work into restoring, and now each spring it comes alive with brilliant greens, various blossoms and playful swallows. It gives me hope to remember that on some scales we treasure these beautiful ecosystems.

I thought of the tie between meditation, water, and lettering for 'healing'. I've always found a calmness in water, whether it's swimming, touching, or even just looking at it; and there's a flow in my lettering practice that just allows me to get words onto paper and release my thoughts. I chose to write about some things that I find help heal my heart and mind.