Photo by Erika Lax

Photo by Erika Lax

About aska

My name is Aska Djikia (pronounced Ah-skah Jee-kee-ya) and I am a letterer and designer located in North Vancouver, BC. I am constantly inspired by my mountainous surroundings, and have a deep fondness for plants, fungi, and creatures big and small. I love to read (science fic-and-non-fiction), listen to podcasts, and tromp around in the woods. Keen observation, wonderment, and curiosity guide me through the world and influence my practice.


  • I’ve moved countries five times; continents, four.

  • I am obsessed with my sweet cat, Len. You can follow him on Instagram.

  • I run a little balcony garden, complete with a worm bin. You can’t follow them on Instagram, but if you come visit, I’ll likely introduce you.

  • Some rules are not meant to be broken: hyphens v. dashes, Oxford commas, and apostrophes

If you would like to work together, drop me a line at adjikia [@]